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24                              LETTERS   FROM   THE

steward for a supply, the agent thought proper to
corne to Versailles himself instead of writing an
answer. He showed the duke his own letter, and
it appeared that the duke, who required five hundred
louis d'or to be sent him without loss of time, had
written to order five hundred millions, and his
steward, thinking his master cracked, came to
make inquiries into the case.

October ist. Rode to Paris. Dined with Prin-
cess Lubomirska. At night the populace were
making bonfires and burning Calonne in effigy.

4th. The Princess Lubomirska (now staying
with us) tells me there is at present in France,
on his travels, an illegitimate son of the Empress
of Russia. He has all his father Gregory Orlof s
fortune and an unlimited credit wherever he goes.
He had only been born three days when Catherine
completed the revolution by which her husband
was dethroned. Princess Daschkow obliged her to
mount her horse, and she remained on horseback
nearly twenty-four hours.

Simolin, the Russian ambassador, was lately
sounding the praises of Catherine, which only met
with an air of dissent on the countenances of the
company. "Au moms," said he, "on doit convenir
que c'est une femme trs rare."" Heureusement 1"
said one of the bystanders.